‘Would you like to have a Sosyo?’ Ask this question to your grandfather and notice a familiar smile dance on his lips. Well, maybe because for him, Sosyo means a déjà vu of old memories and a connection to a long-forgotten flavour.  As you can rightly imagine, Sosyo dates back to the time when India was about to sip the flavour of independence!

So what’s the story? Well, during that era, when the Indian independence movement was in full swing and there was an ardent fervour amongst the citizens to consume Indian goods, Sosyo made its way as one of the first-ever frizzy Indian drink. And who knew that a teensy idea by a teenager from Surat (Mr. Abbas Rahim Hajoori) will one day win hearts of millions around the world and will turn into a legacy for generations to come.

 In 1923, Indian’s first home-grown carbonated cold drink was launched. But just like its history and legacy, there are some interesting facts about the origin of its name. In 1957, this cold drink was renamed ‘Socio’ originating from the Latin word ‘Socious’, so that it can be ensconced as a social drink. However, with the passage of time, it was noticed that people called it Sosyo instead of Socio and hence Sosyo eventually became only-one-of-its kind brand in India carving its niche amongst other foreign competitors.

As anticipated, Sosyo became a smashing hit across Surat, with its popularity spreading to every nook and corner. Over the years, the brand has retained its distinctive taste –cider based fruit flavour made from apples and grapes. Sosyo’s unique taste and the wide range of Hajoori products are the company’s key hallmark that has helped the brand to gain unparalleled inimitability.

Inspired by the cult culture, the brand established the Sosyo Cult – speciality reality beverage outlet, offering PET bottles, mocktails and so on. The Sosyo Cult is an umbrella encompassing the Sosyo cult kiosk and Sosyo cult lounge under which customers can enjoy a wide range of Hajoori flavours.

Sosyo is expanding in terms of its distribution network, operation plants and supply chain. Just like its history, legacy and uniqueness of the product, the brand’s future is also commendable. Besides India, Sosyo is now available in various departmental stores of UAE, and various other cities of UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Africa with plants in Zambia and USA.

Sosyo – India’s oldest and foremost frizzy drink has been able to retain its name in the market for years together. It has been appreciated and admired by people of all age groups. For Sosyo, it has been more than ninety years of glory and the brand is COUNTING!

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