Introduction to Sosyo Hajoori- a family clan

Sosyo Hajoori is a feeling, a brand that reflects values of family and unity among the employees and its valued customers of food and beverage industry. The values of the company are reflected not only in its employees but also in their code of conduct. The name Socio was derived from the Latin word Socious which means society; in classical Roman times, Socious was used to refer to a comrade, friend, orally. Mr. Hajoori chose this name to encourage the Indian Consumers to accept an Indian Juice Brand over then prevalent foreign brands being the pioneer of soft drink and jeeru drink in India.

The culture enriching the environment at Hajoori

We at Sosyo Hajoori’s fruit juice brands are powered by our people. Sosyo Hajoori is all about teams – from delivery executive through to senior leadership; our employees are what make our business great.  We truly believe that it is vital to create an amicable working culture since it’s only when the employees feel happy, safe, and valued, they can provide the best level of service to our customers. Our employees are most cared for by the leaders of the company and the top management team members. Below mentioned are some of the initiatives we undertake to encourage a great working environment at Sosyo Hajoori – brands of fruit juices in india

Modern Headquarters

Our headquarters are fresh, bright, modern, and open. We encourage a positive working environment. There are smart walls and leading-edge technologies. Our best practice working methodologies allow the employees to develop innovative solutions for the customer base.

Continuous Employee Development

At Sosyo Hajoori, we encourage our employees to develop their skills so that they are continuously learning and improving. The culture at Sosyo Hajoori supports many types of education and offers mentoring programs, on-the-job training, and apprenticeships.

Strong & approachable leadership

Inspirational communication from Mr. Hajoori – the third and fourth generation is vital to convey Sosyo Hajoori ’s vision and direction. The employees regularly get feedback on how they contribute to the company’s success and we consider them as our greatest asset.

Annual Excellence Awards

Our Annual Excellence Awards are just one of the different ways we appreciate and express our gratitude to our employees for their performance, exceptional effort, and continuous commitment to Sosyo Hajoori.

International cultural diversity

Being a global organization and most searched cold drink near me, we, respect, appreciate and embrace being amidst a myriad of cultures and nationalities. We speak a variety of languages, and continually celebrate and share several cultural traditions.

Supporting local communities

We believe that it an essential part of any business to support the local communities, especially those in the less privileged areas. We encourage employee suggestions regarding what causes to support and encourage them to devote time to helping the less fortunate individuals than ourselves.

Regular provision of feedback channels

Knowing what is most essential to the employees and monitoring their ongoing satisfaction levels is considered to be of the utmost importance to the company. Review meetings, engagement surveys, feedback audits, and informal chats are some of the many ways we gather information on where and how to improve.

Commitment to the Corporate Values

The values of Hajoori drinks are not simply words on paper – they inform each aspect of the business that is integrated at the heart of all that we do.  Each value drives the way we approach the business, and most importantly the customers and employees revolving around Responsibility, Discipline and Loyalty.

If you believe yourself to be experienced and power generating, professionally interested to develop your career by working on exciting and dynamic projects, then we would like to hear from your end.

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