It was in the 90s that the song Made in India made its way to our hearts. In the song, the singer longs for an Indian heart as she feels that it is truest of all.
Today as the PM calls for being ‘Vocal for Local’, the Made in India tag stands for the pride of being Indian. Today India is ready to take its position among the leading countries of the world as a self reliant and powerful nation. We are a nation that despite all the havoc caused by Covid is having a positive economic outlook. In the digital age, we are taking giant steps towards making ‘Made in India’ a symbol of India’s position as a global leader.

What a time to be Indian. The pandemic has brought all of us closer as we encourage local products and services. As one of the leading fruit juice manufacturers in India, we at Sosyo Hajoori Surat too wear our nationality with pride. Since 1923, Sosyo Beverages have always given you the best quality product thereby becoming the most loved soft drink manufacturers in Gujarat, as well as India. Be it Lemee Lemon, or Lemee Orange, Jeera Xtreme, or Ginlim, Kashmira, or Sosyo, Hajoori’s Sparkling Soda, we add a bit of ‘Indianness’ to every product of ours. So if you crave for a tangy drink, all you need to do is visit your nearest super or hypermarket and pick your favourite Sosyo Drink. Because we have a drink for every taste bud.
But if the fear of Corona is stopping you from going outside, we have a solution for that too. When the whole of India is going digital, can we be far behind?

During the lockdown, as much as we missed our customers, we realised that they missed us too. It is a testimony to Sosyo being the leading beverage manufacturer in Gujarat. That is why we did not let the lockdown dampen our spirits (as well as your’s). It was through your love and support that we saw demand for your favourite Sosyo Beverages increase during lockdown. We ensured that we were available to you at a single click. We had already partnered with delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Big Basket, Jio Mart, KeviMart and many more in pipeline to be added to the list; to ensure that you received your favourite Sosyo Drinks on demand. The response has been tremendous. We have had so many satisfied customers telling us how happy they were to order their ‘Apna Beverage’ at the click of a button.

So what are you waiting for? If you are missing your Sosyo Drink during those weekend movie marathons, or want to enjoy the IPL with a chilled bottle of Sosyo Hajoori’s range of products, or simply want to lie on your couch and enjoy the lovely rains with our lovely products, remember Sosyo is just a click away. Log in to your favourite app and order your favourite Sosyo beverage right away. And never go out of stock again!

And don’t forget to follow Sosyo on Facebook and Instagram as well for our updates. We at Sosyo Hajoori look forward to hear from you. Because Sosyo is your drink; Sosyo is India’s drink!

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