Overview of the scenario

Here we enter the last quarter of the year 2020 and with the economy slowly trying to get back to normal functioning, people have started to move out with a lot of caution and ensuring social distancing.

The social lives of people are also coming back to normal. People are visiting their friends and relatives with ensuring safety and frequent sanitization and washing of hands. The isolation and solitude which people had experienced during the lockdown is slowly being replaced with love and affection by the love from friends and extended family members. And when people get together, there has to be some snacking and drink brands. With times when anything got from outside is looked at with a suspicious frame, Hajoori Soft drinks is something that you can trust even when naked eye.

Enjoying with family, friends and Sosyo

Indians are known to be famous for their social activities and with routine came along a number of festivals and celebrations. People who were separated and distant from months due to the lockdown now can reunite. From national celebration like Independence Day to family celebration during Rakshabandhan, Ramzan, to celebration of religious occasions like Janmashtami, Navroz, Idd, people have celebrated their special occasions with friends, family and Sosyo. It’s a refreshing fruit juices brand in India which has a taste that is able to satisfy the taste buds of a variety of individuals from the old to the young alike. Seeing all happy and satisfied is the ultimate aim of Sosyo Hajoori CAN drinks on all occasions.

Make Sosyo your daily partner

With people now starting to live life in the new normal way, things are starting to fall in place. Transportation has resumed, market places have people coming in to shop for routine ration, malls and restaurants have started to function while keeping in mind the social distancing norm, television series have started to air new episodes, and even cricket IPL is being aired, although without audience. With almost everything coming back to routine, people definitely do feel lonely as they have to again sweat it out to cover up for the loss of the months of lockdown. In such times, make Sosyo your partner.

Wondering how? Let us tell you:

Beat the heat while shopping for groceries with a refreshing Sosyo drink brand.

Tired of household chores? Take a break and enjoy a Kashmira jeera cold drink.

Traveling long hours for work? Make Sosyo your travel partner.

Enjoy family time with the excitement of IPL and a refreshing Sosyo drink

You can also offer a Sosyo – Indian Juice Brand – Apna Desh Apna Drink next time to a delivery person who is fighting the pandemic to ensure that you get your daily supplies.

Make a new friend, offer a new sosyo pet bottle and bring a smile on someone’s face.

Making Sosyo your celebration partner

The new normal ensures that people can get back to their routine life with precautions in terms of masks, frequent use of sanitization and social distancing. In such times it’s necessary to have a partner with you at all times to ensure that people can have the best time while together. And what better partner than a Sosyo drinks to accompany you. Where can you take Sosyo with you in the times to come?

  • Sosyo during family trips- with tourism opening up for individuals; you can carry a safe Sosyo drink with you and enjoy a family trip while being hydrated and refreshed at all times.
  • Sosyo during long weekends – with workplaces now working with almost full strength, people have been going back to office. The time is back when we wait for the weekend to come so that the entire family can come together and relaxes. And what better way to relax than having Sosyo drinks by your side
  • Sosyo During Diwali-  with the festival of lights just a month away, make sure to stock up on your favourite Sosyo drinks so as to have a great time with friends and family together
  • Offer an iddi with Sosyo – No festival is complete without friends and family visiting. So this Idd be sure to offer your friends and colleagues a special iddi with snacks and a refreshing Sosyo drink to complete your celebration.
  • Sosyo for Christmas- Santa is sure to be extremely busy this Christmas as a lot of prayers and a lot of gifts need to be distributed. Won’t you help Santa be refreshed with an energizing Hajoori drinks when he comes to visit you?


The millennium year 2020, which people had been waiting for since long to create a turning point in their lives had a big box of suprise in-stored. But who knew that box was a pandora box with a pandemic in, scientists across the globe are putting in efforts to create a vaccine which would end the pandemic turmoil. Let us be hopeful for a free world with ease of sharing your Sosyo with anyone without any fear. Let’s welcome 2021 with Apna Desh Apna Drink Sosyo.

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