Finding refreshment in the lockdown

People are trying new ways and means to pass their time while being at home during the lockdown. They watch movies, videos, and web series on their TV and mobile devices. Elders listen to religious music on their mobiles. With Ramayan and Mahabharat being aired daily, it is a great way of entertainment for the entire family. It gives them time to be together and enjoy themselves. It’s nothing less than watching a movie in a theatre. You can have a popcorn tub as well as a popular fruit juice based drink brand to go with it. And what better drink than an authentic Indian Sosyo – APNA DESH APNA DRINK.

Sosyo as a summer cooler

With summer beginning to set in, and many festivals approaching, there is a raising need for liquids to keep the body hydrated.
Sosyo Hajoori came up with the concept of The Sosyo Cult. The Sosyo Cult is a Specialty beverage retail outlet, where we bring our products closer to our customers in the form of PET bottles, mocktails and so on. The Sosyo Cult is an umbrella under which our customers can enjoy a wide range of variants which will boost their senses.
With the current situation of lockdown, we understand that our customers miss meeting their friends and having their desired drink, so we as Sosyo Hajoori’s ensure that you get your favorite beverage delivered at your doorsteps. You can enjoy your refreshing fruit juice based Sosyo now from the comfort of your home.

More variety to enjoy Sosyo

Sosyo Hajoori has a wide variety of options available to cater to the diverse needs of our customers not only in India but also in other parts of the world. With the Ramzan festival season, one can easily enjoy any Sosyo Juice Drinks as a part of the family dinner. It can give you a feeling of refreshment and energize you for the coming days to combat the heat and stay hydrated. You can get Sosyo Juice Drinks in variants such as Sosyo Guava drink, Sosyo Nimbu Drink, Sosyo Mango Drink and Sosyo Litchi Drink.
You can even sip these fruit juice based drinks in between workouts to ensure your body does not get dehydrated and your energy levels are pepped up. It acts as a stimulus energy drink, to keep you feeling active and fresh. Sosyo Hajoori also has its very own energy drink, Runner.

The Sosyo – Fruit juice based softdrink brand being among the top one thousand brands of India endures high quality standards. All of the Sosyo Hajoori products are made from pure dedication and free from any preservatives. Thus all the members of the family, be it young or old, can enjoy it without any fear. Since all of our products are made in a closed factory environment with no human contact, you can be rest assured that you will get only safe and contamination-free drink, especially in times of the covid-19 pandemic being widespread.

Sosyo at your doorsteps

In the times of lockdown, we understand that getting daily essentials becomes a tedious task. So we ensure that you get your favorite Sosyo right at your doorsteps, contact-free home delivery of your favorite beverage. You can easily place your order for your favorite brand in India and get it delivered.
What more reason do you want to enjoy your favorite Sosyo? Log on to our website and order your Sosyo now. You can even get them from a store near you. Another way to order any of the Sosyo Hajoori products is from Swiggy, Zomato groceries, Grofers and big basket .

Get your Apna Desh apna drink delivered at your doorstep So go ahead, be safe and enjoy your desi refreshment.

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